Make the puck enter the opponent team's goal!

If you control the puck, you can move it around and shoot/pass it. If you don't have it, you can check players to get it. When two players collide, one player wins the puck (depends on Check mode).

The rink has a center red line and two red lines at the end. Between the center and each end's red lines, there is a blue line. The center red line divides the rink into two halves. The blue lines divide the rink into three thirds, called zones. The center zone is the neutral zone. For a team, the zone with their goal is the defending zone, and the zone with their opponent's goal is the attacking zone.

On each team, the first player to completely enter the team's goal crease becomes a goalie (1.25x radius) until he completely leaves.

When the puck enters a team's goal by completely passing the red line into the goal, the other team gets 1 point if the other team is not tainted (otherwise 0 points), and a face-off occurs at center ice.

A face-off after the game begins or after a goal is scored happens at the center. All other face-offs happen at one of the 8 other spots.


When a player enters the attacking zone, and the puck is neither in the attacking zone nor controlled by the player, "pending offside" for that team appears (offside occurs in strict mode). If all players on the attacking team leave the attacking zone, the "pending offside" warning for that team is cleared.

When the puck enters the attacking zone, offside is checked. If the puck was last touched by the attacking team, and an attacking player is in the attacking zone and not the last to touch the puck, the team is offside (offside occurs in immediate mode), the warning shows "delayed offside", and the team becomes "tainted" until the puck is touched by the other team.

If a team is offside, and one of its players in the attacking zone touches the puck or a defending player, offside occurs (offside occurs in delayed mode). If a team is offside, and the puck or all of its members leaves the attacking zone, it is no longer offside.

When offside occurs (offside never occurs if disabled), the play is stopped, and a face-off occurs at the face-off dot outside of the attacking zone, closest to the puck.

If offside is disabled, no warnings will appear, and teams never become tainted.

Zone Positions

A player is in the attacking zone if he no longer touches the blue line and is in the zone with the opponent goal. It is stateless.

The puck is in a zone when it completely crosses the blue line into the new zone. It is stateful: the blue line and nearby area is considered to be in the same zone as the one the puck is currently in.

Two-Line Pass

When a player shoots the puck from the defending zone, and it crosses the red line before any other player touches it, and then a different player on the defending team touches the puck before the attacking team, a two-line pass occurs.

When a two-line pass occurs (only if enabled), play is stopped, and a face-off occurs in the defending team's face-off circle, closest to puck.


If a player shoots the puck across the center red line and then the other team's red line without scoring a goal, and no players touched the puck in between, and the player's team is not shorthanded, it is icing (icing never occurs if disabled). When a shot is made across the center red line towards the opponent's side, an icing warning appears if icing is possible, and it disappears if a player touches it before it passes the other red line.

If a team is icing (icing occurs in immediate mode), one team wins, based on the mode's condition, but the icing team wins if a goalie on the non-icing team leaves the goal crease (becomes a regular player) or touches the puck.

If the icing team wins, it is no longer icing. If the other team wins, play is stopped, and a face-off occurs in the icing team's face-off circle, closest to puck.

Time Control

When the clock, which starts at 1 hour, reaches zero, the score is reset, and a face-off occurs at center ice.


Check teamates



Two-Line Pass (default: off)