New players start with 0 (battle, round) (wins, losses, ties), score, and streak.


In a round, these phases occur:

  1. Intermission
  2. Move selection
  3. Damage calculation
  4. Battle execution
  5. Score calculation


A 5-second intermission between rounds allows new players to join and current players to review the previous round's results.

Move selection

Every player has four options: pick Rock, Paper, Scissors, or Auto. If Auto is selected, the game replaces the player's choice: one of the first three is randomly selected, or if the player has a streak bonus, an optimal choice is made automatically.

Damage calculation

When two moves are the same, the result is always a tie.

This phase calculates the results of the other possible move pairs. By default,

If Inverted is on, the defaults are reversed. If Count is on, when a pair of moves is chosen by a different number of players, the one with more players never loses (see below for more details).

Battle execution

Unless modified by Team or Survivor, all N(N-1)/2 pairs of N participating players battle each other. After that, players have wins, losses, and ties within the round.

For the mathematically inclined, imagine a complete undirected graph, whose nodes are players and edges are battles.

Score calculation

Players win, lose, or tie the round by comparing wins and losses in that round's battles. The table shows the effect on their streak and score.

Wins vs Losses Outcome Effect on Streak Effect on Score
Equal the round is a tie none none
More wins the player wins the round streak becomes 0 if previously negative, and is then incremented gain 1 score point, adjusted by streak bonuses
More losses the player loses the round streak becomes 0 if previously positive, and is then decremented lose 1 score point

Streak Bonuses

Unless Classic is on, these reward lucky players that win repeatedly, and they also help unlucky players recover from their losses:

Time Control

Intermissions last up to 5 seconds, ending early if all players are ready.

Each round lasts a variable amount of time (3-30 seconds, default 5).


Round Time / ms (default: 5000, min: 3000, max: 30000)

A random move will be made after the round timer expires.

Bot Balance (default: 0, min: -1000, max: 1000)

If negative, balance total players to absolute value; otherwise, add this number of bots.

Classic (ancient, no streak bonuses, default: off)

Streak bonuses are not used, but streaks are still calculated as usual.

Inverted (reverse default damage direction, default: off)

The default damage direction is reversed. By this new default, rock beats paper, which beats scissors, which beats rock.

Count (larger number never loses, default: off)

If more people choose a type of move than another one, the loss is negated. If at least twice as many people choose a normally losing move compared to a normally winning move, the damage direction is reversed. Consider these examples:

The effects of Count apply after the effects of Inverted.

Players that collude might be able to ruin this gamemode.

Team (default: 0, future feature)

No pair of players on the same team battle each other; battles apply only to pairs of players on different teams.

For k teams, a graph representation is a complete k-partite graph.

Cancel (reduce common amounts, default: off, future feature)

Score calculation is done as if 3 players who chose rock, paper, scissors are removed until no move has more than 1 player remaining.

Survivor (elimination rounds, default: off, future feature)