2009 Jul 16 02:13 PM MDT | C3 C++3 Nintendo8 Nintendo-GC2 Nintendo-Wii8 Programming18 [2009]3

I’m going to create a new channel for my Wii. It will allow you to use all four Wii remotes, and maybe the GameCube controllers!

It will be a *.dol* I make with **devKitPro** on my Windows XP PC and then compiled into a .wad channel. devKitPro uses C/C++, and since I am used to coding in VB, it might be hard, but I used PHP for my websites, and PHP is similar to C and C++. The channel icon and banner will be my own Photoshop image, created from (almost) scratch.

You have to use any of the 4 controllers to select if you want it to Eject the disc, reboot, power off to red, power off to yellow, or return to the Main System menu.

If I include GameCube controller support, it’ll probably be L to eject, R to not eject, A to return to the main menu, B to power off to red, X to reboot, and Y to power off to yellow. And press Z to do the actions.