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DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for your bricked Wii(s). Also, this article is very old now.

I will tell you how to play backups on a Nintendo Wii. For some things, I will provide a link, and for some, I will not, so find it yourself if necessary.

You need the following:

  1. a Wii
  2. an SD card that holds at least 512 MB
  3. The files that I tell you to get


  1. First of all, download **bannerbomb** (bannerbomb.qoid.us). bannerbomb is an exploit that allows you to boot a .elf or a .dol from an SD card. Extract the .zip and copy to the SD. You can use the Twilight Hack if you have Twilight Princess, but I don’t recommend it.
  2. Download the **HackMii installer** (bootmii.org/download/), extract the .zip and rename installer.elf to boot.elf
  3. Create a folder called `Apps` on your SD root
  4. Download **WAD Manager** 1.5 and put the folder into your Apps folder
    • NOTE: It should be something like this: /SD/Apps/wadmanager/(boot.dol[, icon.png][, meta.xml])
  5. Also get **Anytitle Deleter** (DB, for noobs)
  6. You will probably want to install cIOScorp, which is a package of 21 different Custom IOSes
    • You cannot uninstall a cIOS (or your Wii becomes bricked); just overwrite with the original IOS
    • Only use this tool if you know what you’re doing (remove a channel, but not an IOS)
  7. Create a folder called `wad` on your SD root
  8. Put your favourite *Backup* **Launcher Channel** into the wad folder
    • A great channel is **Gecko OS** if using cIOScorp
      • Channel (.wad): I have one; I’ll upload soon!
      • .dol file: wiibrew.org/wiki/GeckoOS
      • I use Gecko OS 1.9.1
      • Use NeoGamma instead if you do not have cIOScorp.
    • Without **cIOScorp**, use **NeoGamma**
      • Search for a download.
      • Use Gecko OS instead if you have cIOScorp.
    • Put `Homebrew-Channel-1.0.3-HAXX.wad` into it if using cIOScorp


  1. Now put the SD into the Wii.
  2. Goto Wii » Data Management » Channels
  3. A pop-up will ask you if you want to boot the .elf or not. Click yes.
  4. Press 1 when it tells you to.
  5. Install the **HomeBrew Channel** (Oh no, it is upside down! Well, we can fix that)
  6. Use the HomeBrew Channel and load **WAD Manager**. Install the old version (1.0.3) of the Homebrew Channel
  7. Exit and use **Anytitle Deleter** to delete the newer **Homebrew Channel**
  8. Reboot the Wii **manually** because the “loader” is now missing
  9. Install the stuff you need like the Gecko OS Channel, DVDx in IOS201, and cIOS201.