2009 Nov 20 02:17 PM MST | Gaming7 Nintendo8 Nintendo-Wii8 [2009]3

I just tried to play Mario Kart but it would not work. I got the An error has occurred, please eject the disc... message but it is not Error #002.

cIOScorp 3.5 has cIOS36 as IOS36 v3094 with rev1**3** DIP + ES\_**Identify** Patch + NAND Permissions Patch

cIOScorp 3.4 has cIOS36 as IOS36 v3094 with rev1**2** DIP + ES\_**DiVerify** Patch + NAND Permissions Patch

As you can see, the difference is the DIP and the patch. Mario Kart needs ES_DiVerify (Disc Verify) to function, but I do not know what ES_Identify does, except allow you to identify as the Super User or something

I wish cIOScorp 3.6 will have both patches, the ES_Identify and ES_DiVerify.