2010 Oct 8 05:37 PM MDT | C++3 Gaming7 Windows5 [2010]3

I have made a new—and likely my last—AssaultCube video at youtu.be/RLfnl9fU7h4 and youtu.be/W1ej0-yjas8.

This is the very likely to be my last AssaultCube video. This video shows the changes I have made in my Vulcan Mod revision 3. I have made some changes such as crash fixes, which is solved in rev3b.

If they try to claim copyright, I will do the same and counter-claim. They can only claim copyright on this video since the other ones won the dispute. If they take this video down, it will go back up in two weeks and never down again! They might be smart enough to realize that it is pointless for them to do that unless they want two weeks without the **new** video only, they are wasting their and my time if they do it.

EDIT: AssaultCube sucks; I do not play it anymore and do not care about nor plan on blogging about it anymore.