2011 May 30 07:23 PM MDT | Gaming7 Hacks9 Nintendo8 Nintendo-GC2 Nintendo-Wii8 [2011]3

I used some cheats on the Wind Waker with my Wii, but only to be reflected with this glitch. When I have to unlock the Earth Temple, I already have the Earth God's Lyric. As a result, going to Headstone Island and trying to "learn" the song fails. Using another cheat to “forget” the song, I go “learn” it again the way I am supposed to. Then I have to go find Medli, but she somehow disappeared from the location she should be at.

UPDATE: I have found a fix for my problem!

I tried a cheat to “downgrade” the Master Sword. The first one only affected the visual effect, but then I tried again and changed one value, which was taken from the *Fully Charged Master Sword* cheat (if only they had warned me about this), from F (15, 0b1111) to 3 (0b0011) because the least significant bit (LSB) is the sword, the next one is the master sword, then the half charged sword, then the full master sword. I believe that the weapon bits’ being full put Medli in the incomplete dungeon instead of Dragon Roost Island. I wonder if I could use this to get extra firepower with the standard or partial master sword (9, 0b1001, or 11, 0b1011)…