2012 Feb 25 11:44 AM MST | Hacks9 Gaming7 Web13 [2012]3

I have recently found the site known as Luminosity through an online advertisement. It is a site that measures your brain's health through the use of games.

This is a picture of my results:

For some reason, they don’t provide my percentile ranks. Either I have to pay, or they don’t have enough 15 year old males to compare me against. The redaction of half the first username really means nothing to me, so I didn’t bother to censor the second one.

My mostly-legit score for Luminosity.

My overall (mean average) score is 901.4, which is rounded down by convention. I attained the following scores for speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving, respectively: 1011, 1137, 813, 916, 630.

Flexibility was my worst (around 480), so I hacked to buff up my score, which means my real overall score is actually around 814.

I think these scores are reasonable, since their "*flexibility*" is the ability to *recall vocabulary*, but I have a somewhat limited vocabulary.

My hacked scores on a new account

Now for some 1337 hacking.

I modified some requests they used (they make POST requests with POST_DATA=<xml>). Remember to hack Content-Length!

Sample request body (stupid parsers ruined this data and I’m too lazy to fix/redo it):

\n  13371337\n  55\n  \n    pala\n    se\n    fbe57bbaa85b2e97a8e3cc9ffd887dd5e7f403d0\n    cru\n    13371337\n    13371337\n    13371337\n  \n