2012 Dec 27 06:34 PM MST | Nintendo8 Nintendo-Wii8 [2012]3

This is a big list

I’ve deleted these IOSes:

Next, I used NUSD to download and package these IOSes:

Then, I added the Trucha Bug, ES\_Identify (ES\_DiVerify), and NAND Permissions patches to my IOS36, just in case I need it later.

I’m feeling nervous for the next part…

The next step is to restore IOS50 to v4889 (0x1319), but v5120 (0x1400) is a stub.

In addition, I should also remove all the old stub IOSes

I have just decided to update to 4.3U. I was smart, so I installed cIOS249 into cIOS 239 so that it wouldn't be overwritten. After that, I restored cIOS249, and deleted cIOS239. I didn't bother to remove the stubs.

I also installed the stub into IOS50, since I won’t need it anymore, but that was sort of risky.