2012 Dec 27 11:55 AM MST | Nintendo8 Nintendo-Wii8 [2012]3

I have decided to remove cIOSCORP, as it is not necessary anymore: I can still launch backups through backup launchers (NeoGamma, Gecko OS, USB loaders, etc.)

TL;DR Since I have System Menu 3.4U, these operations are planned to reverse the effects of cIOSCORP:

These IOSes are present in all of those cIOSCORP packages: (Click Read More…)

In order to do this, I remembered that I have installed cIOSCORP 3.3 to 3.5 in a forgotten order, which means a union of all of them are installed. 3.3 will be ignored, since all of it is overwritten by 3.4. For the lists below, “Patch” means “ES_DiVerify/ES_Identify Patch”, both of which are the same. 3.4 IOSes are listed before 3.5 ones. All the highlighted ones are “scrambled”.

With cIOS 3.5, these IOSes were present:

I have also found some other IOSes:

In the future, I shall perform those actions, except for IOS50, and hope that my Wii will not brick.