2013 Jun 12 07:21 PM MDT | English5 Grammar4 [2013]3

Some people are hypercritical and think *to boldly go* should be *to go boldly* or even the awkward *boldly to go*. However, the argument is that English should follow Latin’s rules, but it is impossible to split infinitives in Latin, as there is no infinitive marker in Latin, effectively making the argument invalid.

Also, wouldn't the effect of some sentences be destroyed? There is no way to reword these without forming an awkward sentence:

I need you all **to really pull** your weight.

We are determined **to completely and utterly eradicate** the disease.

I expect him **to completely and utterly fail**.

We are seeking a plan **to gradually, systematically, and economically relieve** the burden.

We expect our output **to more than double** in a year.

I want **to not see** you anymore. (Well, maybe “I do not want to see you anymore”)

Source: “Split infinitive” from Wikipedia

Remember **to, whenever you want, split** infinitives. To, regardless of what some prescriptivists say, split an infinitive is perfectly valid.